About the Fund

 —The $3.6 million Somaliland Business Fund (SBF) offers grants to the Somaliland private sector ranging from $5,000 to $150,000 for projects involving business development services and/or fixed assets. —Grants below $50,000 are considered small and processed in 2 months (following outreach phase) whereas large grants will be processed in 4-5 months. —Small grants are ‘matching’ i.e. 50:50 co-financing whereas the applicant contribution is reduced to 33% for 1st time applications. —Grants for large projects will be up to 50% i.e. determined on the basis of risks and returns - in this way we can get a higher leverage on the overall grant funds.

Grantee Contributions and Articles

SBF is working with partners and its grantees to improve the spread of know-how, best practice and lessons learned throughout Somaliland. We plan to launch a number of new factsheets, profiles and sector specific articles over the summer period. We have agreed a range of articles on subjects that will be of interest to grantees, entrepreneurs in all business sectors, public organisations and visitors to our website. Comments on any of our products and suggestions for improvements to our service or even new website items are welcome.